As at September 30, 2016, we’ve disbursed over 130 million loans and serve over 3,700 customers.


Vibrant MFB has impacted so much and it supported my business. How I want you to improve is
by giving many people because many people need that money we want you to give many hands so that they can feel happy like us.

-Mrs Esther I



The loan the bank gave me has really helped me. People who come to my shop are always surprised to
see the growth of the business. Many don’t know that its the credit the bank gave to me. Since then all things have been moving well. I  would appreciate another round of loan facility.
Your services are great. Everything you do is transparent.

– Mr. Donatus N.


My name is Ifeoma, I was given N50, 000, I used it to support my business and paid N3, 000 interest.
I’m back to take another one to support my business.

– Mrs Ifeoma O.


I’m Mr Ikechukwu O. a motocycle dealer in ultra modern market Isseleazagba.  Vibrant Bank Issele-azagba gave me a loan which is so good as we are business men.
The loans improved my business. Every penny counts.

My advice for others is you have to know yourself. Don’t be afraid of Vibrant Microfinance Bank.
You’re able to send money from vibrant MFB to another bank and vice versa.

But you need to first trust yourself. You work with the bank so that your business can grow. You have to be a trust worthy person. You shouldn’t be the type of person that gets a loan and then dodge from paying. When you need another, it becomes easier.

– Mr Ikechukwu O.